Czech national training event Megaweekend in the eyes of our EVS volunteer from Russia PDF Tisk Email
Napsal uživatel Kateřina Kahanová   
Středa, 08 Leden 2014 14:25

Ahoj! I am Uliana Vasilyeva, a new EVS Volunteer from Russia in AFS office Czech Republic. I have just recently arrived in Prague and I have to say that there was no better way to start my year than to be a participant of the Megavíkend.

It is the biggest event of the year for the volunteers of the AFS Czech Republic to gather and benefit from a program of various trainings, which prove to be very helpful and to enjoy the teambuilding activities. This year the event took place in the south of the country,  in České Budějovice and  was joined by almost a hundred of participants and trainers from Czech Republic, and from all over Europe -  Hungary, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Slovenia, Turkey, Poland, Germany,  Spain and… I hope I didn’t forget all countries present. The event went in the truly international spirit!

To share my impressions about Megavíkend in couple of words –the event was very energetic and positive. To start off, my respect goes out to the prep team, they did a great job so that the training went smoothly and turned out to be truly enriching – from the start till the end. I found the program very balanced, with workshops in marketing, time-management and communication in context of running AFS programs, and of course the common activities were well planned and were the best fun-time of each day.

When I registered for the event there were many great workshops to choose from, both in Czech and in English. I have chosen the “How do others like to learn? AFS Orientations beyond European audiences”, where I wanted to connect my previous experience in working with FLEX exchange program  in Russia and gain new perspective on the AFS programs as they now connect more than 60 countries of the world, which I find amazing as a newcomer to the organization. My expectations were exceeded, big thanks to our professional trainer, Jana Holla from AFS Egypt and to all the participants, who shared their insights with me. Taking part in “Let Yourself Be Moved” session gave me an opportunity to connect to my emotions through authentic movement and share this very special experience with the other participants and trainer Petra Doležalová.

The greatest part for me was undoubtedly getting to experience the “AFS family” atmosphere through this very important event and getting to meet so many volunteers from different chapters of Czech Republic. I felt positively overwhelmed with laughs and jokes, Czech language and those first notes on the Czech culture I have made for myself. That Saturday and Sunday definitely brought a lot of new faces and names and it feels great to be welcomed as a new member of the AFS team! So all in all - for me the weekend indeed turned out to be ”MEGA” in all the ways and I have my energy batteries charged for a great and positive EVS year with AFS.